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All about the company behind managing step van sales at UsedStepvan.comThe history of the Step Van route delivery trucks with photos and facts.Inventory listings of used Step Vans for sale by CK Corporation of Centerline Michigan.Converting your step van to be used in all types of delivery and curbside ftood service routesUsed Ice Cream Step Vans for sale by CK Corp. of Centerline Mi.How to contact the staff operating

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CK Corp of Centerline MI. has sold all avaiable inventory of Step-Vans and used Ice Cream Trucks

Sorry we are out of stock till the Fall on used Step-Vans and Ice Cream Trucks

Used Chevy P30 Step Van route delivery trucks for sale priced from $10,500. All engine and drive trains have been overhauled and brakes and tires replaced as needed. These Delivery Vans and route ready Ice Cream Trucks with cold Plate Freezers are ready for generating business profits.

CK Corp of Centerline Michigan has several short wheelbase UtiliMaster aluminum bodied P30 step vans for sale priced from only $5500
Click the below images to enlarge used Chevy P30 Step Van Photos

CK Corp of Centerline Michigan has several short wheelbase
UtiliMaster aluminum bodied refurbished P30 step vans for sale priced from only $10,500 ...

Great over-all condition on these Chevrolet P30 Step Van Route trucks with all aluminum bodies made by the specialty truck manufacturer UtiliMaster Corporation. We used the exact same Step Vans for Ice Cream routes in 25 Metro Detroit neighborhoods. They all have the Chevy 4.3 liter Chevrolet V6 engine matched with a L80 E GM automatic transmission coupled to a one ton rear end. They drive and park like a SUV making these used 10 short wheelbase stepvans a good business investment for any type route delivery truck.

Thousands of companies have an immediate need for dependable used walk-in Step Van route trucks. Small businesses from tool sellers, newspaper route vans to Bakery goods delivery all require reliable Step Vans to their customers on-time, every time. CK Corporation of Centerline Michigan specializes in reliable Step Vans for any type route delivery pick-up service to go along with their listings of Ice Cream Truck conversion step vans. These Chevy powered V-6 all aluminum bodied P-30 Step vans can be customized for any cargo area usage.

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Below you'll see some 1994 through 1998 Chevy powered Union City Aluminum Body Step Vans we are now selling from our Centerline Michigan used truck lot.  Great for any type local route sales or delivery business!
(Click on Yr/Model link to see complete Van detail specifications page w/ Photos.)

Yr. and Model Engine Mileage Special features VIN ID # Sales Price
1994-95 Chevy P30 Yellow Step Vans 4.3L  Chevy V6 Step Vans for sale

187,00 to
We have 3 one Ton Step Vans with L80 E GM automatic transmissions and 10' all Aluminum Bodies

3 available

1995 1 Ton Chevy P30 Step Van Chevy 4.3L V6 Ice Cream Truck conversion step van



New White Paint Utilimaster/Union City aluminum body w/ TL80 E GM automatic transmission


1996 P30 Chevy Step Van (White) setup for Ice Cream Sales

Chevy/GM V6 4.3L, automatic transmission and GM drive train...
Basic Ice Cream Truck

149,948 1 ton short 10' wheelbase with new white premium paint and all Ice Cream Truck safety signage. Aluminum shelving and side serving and rear windows added in cargo area Clear title & VIN number available $10,700
1995 Chevy V6 P30 Ice Cream Truck with all kinds of new parts and new freezer Freshly rebuilt 4.3 Liter Chevy V6 engine with new brakes, shocks and 110 Volt wired outlets, 3 new windows added to Van 124,115 Utilimaster all aluminum body with GM drive trains. P30 Van w/ L80 E GM automatic transmission - Aluminum Body... NEW cold plate Freezer. New brakes and like new tires with chrome rims.

.Clear title and VIN# 315482

1997 White Aluminum P30 Utilimaster Step Van Chevrolet 4.3L V6 engine with auto trans 193,012


L80 E GM automatic transmission Aluminum Body side and rear windows and dry ice freezer. All Safety signage included..

 available upon request


1996 to 1999

Used Ice Cream Trucks  

All have Cold Plate freezers and full safety signage

1996 White Utilimaster P30 Step Van Ice Cream Truck Utilimaster all Aluminum Body Chevy V6 4.3 liter engine, auto trans and GM drive train

154,000 1 Ton 10' Short bed Step Van with new paint, sliding side windows & rear window. New Ice Cream route Truck safety signage and premium Nelson Cold Plate Freezer with 110 volt compressor.

Clear Title & VIN # 304,065

1999 Utilimaster P30 Step Van with inverter powered freezer for Ice Cream sales Chevy V6 4.3 liter engine, auto trans and GM drive train on a P30 Utilimaster short wheelbase chassis

172,000 Inverter powered 23.5 cubic foot freezer option in this UtiliMaster Step Van  with white premium paint. Ice Cream Truck safety signage, sliding serving window and new parts.

Clear Title & VIN # 305,526

1997 P30 10 foot Step Van with low mileage and Utilimaster Aluminum body and New Cold Plate Freezer

Newly Rebuilt Chevy V6 4.3 liter engine, auto transmission and GM drive train on a P30 Utilimaster short wheelbase chassis.. low miles

130,800 Short 10' wheelbase UtiliMaster Step Van with white paint and all Ice Cream Truck safety signage. Aluminum shelving and side sliding serving window and all new shocks, brakes... plus New Nelson VBD3488T 3 bay cold plate freezer (32 cubic Ft.)

Clear Title & VIN # 309,993


Wouldn't it be wonderful to wake up in the morning knowing that everyday you were working for yourself in a profitable delivery route business that is recession proof? We'll now's the right time for you to consider owning an affordable mobile business based upon a reliable Step Van from CK Corporation of Centerline MI.

CK Corp of Centerline MI. has many choices in used Chevy P30 aluminum bodied step vans for sale at only $5500
We have multiple listings for used Chevy V6 powered aluminum body delivery Step Vans for sale.

dscn1033.jpg (72292 bytes) We convert step vans into Ice Cream trucks Utilimaster 1994 Step Van for neighborhood Ice Cream route sales

Ready for immediate neighborhood novelty Ice Cream route sales...
Click on these Aluminum bodied Step Van Images to enlarge photo details. All are for sale by CK Corp of Centerline Michigan. We also do Step Van Advertising wraps to turn your used step van into a mobile Billboard for your products or business. We can add a new interior mounted 18,000 BTU air conditioning system to your used Step Van for an additional $4500!

 Used Step vans turned into mobile bill boards with our weatherproof advertising car wraps sells converted step vans for route deliveries and curbside sales  Your mobile Ad Van is also tax deductable and is highly effective in city traffic has several 1996 to 1999 Step Vans for immediate sale as delivery vans or route sales trucks. These walk-in van bodies are designed, engineered and custom built to tackle any parcel or package delivery challenge your business might have. Whether you require multi-stop city deliveries, neighborhood Ice Cream route runs or a residential home package delivery, these CK Corp used Step Vans were manufactured with Union City walk-in van bodies designed to provide maximum productivity and efficiency for many years of daily use. I

Special on this immaculate 2003 PT Cruiser grand touring Sport model with new rebuilt engine, rebuilt transmission, and new brakes. Now only $5000. This is the cleanest completely detailed and professionally rebuilt PT Cruiser on the used market. Best Buy Features include the following:

  • This one car runs just like new.

  • New battery and complete frontend alignment

  • New ball joints and tie rods

  • No body damage and the paint is perfect

  • This PT cruiser has the moon roof option.

  • Car has 101,000 miles, with cold air conditioning and full power options.

  •  Interior is perfect and if you change the oil every 3000 miles this one will last another 100,000 miles.

  • This PT Cruiser has only been driven 40 miles since the complete engine and drive train up rebuild took place.

Call Pat Hyland's cell phone (586) 212-0995 and get further car details and arrange test drive and get an independent mechanic inspection... Great deal on a good looking car that gets great gas millage.

Need a Bakery route truck? Our workhorse Step Vans were originally designed, engineered and custom built to immediately tackle any delivery/pick-upUsed Utilimaster P30 GM Step Vans for sale from only $5500.00 route challenge your business may encounter. You may need route delivery van to deliver bread along a multi-stop route or transport snacks, cold sandwiches and hot foods to business stops daily. Step Vans have been delivering the goods for years and these CK Corp walk-in vans are cheap enough for even the smallest business.  The all aluminum UtiliMaster bodies and shelving guaranty you plenty of rust free shelf space for delivering Tools, packages, consumer and industrial products, baked goods, laundry, newspapers. Perfect Route vending Step Vans for thrift shops, consumer products and local market grocery deliveries. A light Chevy V6 powered aluminum body delivery van offers many advantages over other type vans including the gas saving light weight feature. Use one for bakery goods which will be easily accessible as you have ready access to a customized cargo area, to store multiple racks, bins and boxes. These GM V-6 powered Step Vans, with auto transmission, provides maximum driver comfort, window visibility and operator safety, which will provide increased efficiency and productivity on any type delivery route.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have comments, questions or suggestions about the Step Vans and Ice Cream route trucks offered for sale on this website.

 Welcome to click for home pageContact CK Corp of Centerline for questions on our used Step Vans.

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